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  • Squash blossom Chinese glass, silver from Yemen and India, 19 1/2". RP232
  • Coconut shell heishi, Ghana brass, and Berber coral, 18". RP233
  • Afghani, Yemeni, Indian silver, clear rock crystal beads, crystal Naga beads made in Czechia, 19th c. quartz beads from Ecuador, 21". RP234 $750
  • Mediterranean sourced coral used in Africa, Turkman, Berber jewelry, and African brass,19". RP235 $750
  • Coconut shell heishi with antique Chinese jade pendant, 18 1/2 ". RP237
  • Shell heishi from Tonga and silver beads from India, 19 1/2". RP239
  • Ethiopian cross flanked by Turkman silver amulets and 12th century green Chinese glass. RP164 $950
  • 16th century Chinese glass, 19th century Persian silver, and horn. NP172 SOLD
  • Dinka bone ring, “African amber” (phenolic resin), “Baltic” amber, brass Nigerian beads, antique carnelian, large brass bead Mali. RP174 $900
  • Stone Hittite seal, “Baltic” amber, agate, antique carnelian, antique Malian clay spindle whorls, antique brass Ghana, Yemeni silver, small clay Pre- Columbian spindle whorls Peru. RP175 $1350
  • This necklace is centered by ancient black stone and contains interesting banded agates as well as mammoth bone and antique silver beads. RP179 $1250
  • A mixture of 12th, 16th and 19th century glass strung with “Baltic” amber, amethyst crystals and Brass from Ghana. RP180 $950
  • 3000 year old Hittite stone seal flanked by Sassanian camel bone spindle whorls and bronze Hittite amulet, early glass bicone, more ancient stone beads, 19th century Afghan silver and Nigerian bass cylinders. RP181 $1500
  • Antique Naga shell strung with Tibetan amulets, Moroccan branch coral and Berber dance anklet. RP184 $1650
  • Unusually large Pema Raka carnelian Himalayan amulet flanked by two ancient Chinese bone amulets, antique Afghani silver bicones and African coconut shell beads. RP192 $3200
  • Antique silver beads with a Turkman hair decoration, Moroccan branch coral strung on black leather. RP196 $450
  • Moche (1st-8th century AD, Peru) gold washed copper bead pendant, 19th century copper pennies made into beads by Columbia River Native Americans, 12th century copper beads Djenne, shell currencies PNG. RP197 SOLD
  • Roman and Islamic glass beads (1st /2nd millennium) with Tibetan amulets. RP198 $3500
  • An ancient Lapiz Lazuli bead from Afghanistan centers this necklace composed of other ancient and contemporary lapis, antique silver, cobalt glass from China, Czechoslovakia and Africa, clay spindle whorls from Peru and Africa. RP199 $1250
  • Hittite stone seal centers, labradorite, branch coral, cultured pearls and antique silver. RP200 $1250
  • An ancient bronze amulet centers this piece, flanked by a Malian spindle whorl, an old brass Ghana bead followed by antique silver, labradorite, “Baltic” amber, horn and carnelian. RP201 $950
  • Brass Berber amulet, flanked by Pre-columbian clay Peruvian spindle whorls, serpentine, antique Moroccan branch coral, Ghana brass, African “amber”. RP203 $1250
  • Moche (Peru 1st m. BCE) gold wash beads, “ African Amber”, Idar Oberstein and 19th century carnelian. RP204 $1050
  • Gold washed copper Moche bead in the center, Peruvian spindle whorls, Dinka bone ring. RP205 $1045
  • Centered by a Hittite stone seal and by a neolithic stone bead, Sassanian camel bone spindle whorls, and an early glass bicone with 20th century silver. RP206 $1400
  • 19th century silver from Persia and Afghanistan, Malian call spindle whorl, Roman glass and labradorite beads, 20th century resin beads. RP208 $1250
  • Papua New Guinea kina shell with brass Ethiopian amulet. RP210 $950